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No matter where you travel or how much fun and professional satisfaction you find in your assignment, there’s always the chance that you’ll feel a little homesick. It’s natural, especially if you’re just starting out in your travel career.

We could tell you this is a necessary evil and just part of the business. But … that’s not really our style. Instead, we’re here today to help you conquer that homesickness you’re feeling or help you knock it out before it even gets rooted in your next assignment.

Here's our advice.

* Find touches of home. For you maybe this tip means visiting your favorite restaurant chain, a park that reminds you of home or rereading your favorite book. Bringing memories of your life at home to the forefront of your travel experience can help you realize you’re really closer to home than you thought.

* Book something to look forward to. Sometimes you need to shake up the routine, even while traveling. Booking an event or experience you’re dying to enjoy is a great way to keep you focused on the future instead of the present. Perhaps it’s an attraction that motivated you to come here in the first place or an event — like a concert — that you would have loved at home. Set the date and start the countdown. It will be here before you know it.

* Say yes to spontaneity. Free time during your travel assignment has never been so … free. You don’t have any of the obligations you would normally have so don’t be afraid to spend your time trying something new. Go to a bar/restaurant you would never visit. Take a class in a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue or simply lounge by the beach. It’s your time, use it as you see fit.

* Reach out and connect. Many of our veteran nurses will tell you it was so much more difficult to manage homesickness a generation ago. These days modern technology makes it easier than ever to reach loved ones. From video chat to text and email, your phone is your tool to keep in touch. Use it to make contact with those you love and you'll feel connected no matter where you are. 


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