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We like to think there are two distinct aspects to the world travel. First, there’s the destination, the place you’re traveling to and we could go on all day long about how this is one of best aspects of travel nursing. Then there’s the other aspect of travel, the travel itself. Packing bags, security and the plane ride. Sometimes this process can be simple, sometimes it's a headache.

And then there are those moments when things simply don’t go well for myriad reasons. When that happens, it’s good to know your rights as a passenger. You have them and here are a few things you need to know.

* Involuntary bumping and flight cancellation. No one wants to get bumped from a flight but if it happens to you and the airline cannot find another route to get you to the same location — within an hour of your predetermined arrival time — they owe you compensation, the ticket will be refunded and we'll get to work finding you a new flight. Note that a bumped flight is different from a canceled flight. Each airline has its own policy for canceled flights and if your flight is canceled, contact us and we can help work with the airline to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

* Damage or disappearance of your bags. Besides canceled flights, this is probably the incident that travelers fear most. If your bags are lost or damaged you’re entitled to a refund of your baggage fee from the airline as well as “reasonable compensation” for any damage or total loss of your bags. There are financial limits, however, as to how much the airline will compensate you and if the packing is judged to be poor, you could be entirely liable. Just think carefully about what you bring and how you pack it.

* Delays on the tarmac. You fly to … you know, actually fly, not sit on the tarmac. Yet every frequent traveler has a tale of a ground-bound expedition. Unless air traffic control, safety or security is the issue, your tarmac time should never exceed three hours and the airline is responsible to update you on the status every 30 minutes while providing bathrooms and food and water for stays lasting longer than two hours.

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No one likes to be the victim of a travel headache but if such a difficulty happens to you, you’re not alone. Contact us and we can help you solve your travel challenges. We want you to get to your travel destination happy and ready to provide the best care possible to your patients. We’re committed to supporting you, no matter what “travel” may throw your way.


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