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When you’re continually moving residences, meeting new people, learning new routines and taking on new tasks, it’s important to stay organized so your life doesn’t feel overwhelming.

That’s why so many traveling healthcare workers have become masters at keeping their careers straight and on task. After all, taking time to put a few organizational measures in place can go a long way toward saving you from hurry, worry and indecision. Here are a few suggestions that may help you in that regard.

  • Scan copies of all employment documents onto your computer for whenever they’re needed.
  • Minimize mail issues and efficiently track finances by choosing digital billing and banking.
  • Create a master packing list of the clothing, personal items, household goods, work-related items and packing containers you’ll need for a typical assignment, then use the list each time you pack for a new destination. For simplicity’s sake opt on the side of packing light; you can always buy any necessities you’ve forgotten. Clear plastic containers work well for sorting belongings by room once you’ve arrived, then can be used for on-site storage.
  • Immediately list phone numbers that are important to you in your new location and role (landlords, roommates, your new employer, your supervisor, key co-workers, etc.) then plug them into your phone. 
  • While acclimating to your new workplace, don’t hesitate to take notes on the important facts you must remember. Those introducing you will note your attempt to quickly absorb information and will appreciate your attention to detail.
  • While acclimating, pay attention to what complicates your workdays, then try to alleviate it. Could you switch up your daily workout routine? Could you be using public transit instead of driving? Would packing a bag (or breakfast or lunch) the night before work make mornings less hectic? Should you memorize a procedure so you can hit the ground running instead of hesitating?

The secret to great organization is optimizing the routines, procedures and tools that can help you conduct your daily tasks without undue stress. It’s worth your time to apply some strategy to simplifying your daily life.


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