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Nursing is a difficult job that comes with lots of stressors. As great as nurses are at caring for their patients, sometimes they can neglect their own health. Practicing self-care is vital for all nurses to avoid burnout and maintain healthy lifestyles. But it can be even more important for travel nurses who may be far away from their traditional support systems much of the year. Thankfully, practicing self-care is easier than ever with apps that can facilitate everything from mindful meditation to improved eating habits, all from your smartphone. To help you stay well and live your best life, here are six of the best self-care apps for nurses.

NURSEWELLNursewell was created specifically to help nurses and midwives practice self-care. The app was developed by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District in Australia using a survey of practicing nurses to target their most pressing health issues. The app is broken down into sections like “Better Sleep,” “Better Thinking” and “Mindful Eating.” At the end of each section, users can complete a reflection and email it to themselves to track their progress and mark important lessons learned during that section. The app also features meditation and Pilates exercises that nurses can do on their own or in groups to make self-care a team effort.

Cost: *Free* | Supported devices: iOS

ALOE BUDAloe Bud bills itself as “your self-care pocket companion.” Although not specifically targeted toward nurses, it comes packed with activities and information like breathing exercises, motivational content and dietary tips. The app uses gentle reminders to help you make self-care a habit throughout your daily activities. There’s also a journal feature that can help you vent your frustrations, express gratitude and keep track of your progress. Overall, the app is meant to be as motivational as it is useful, making self-care an empowering experience to improve your general well-being.

Cost: Free, premium options available | Supported devicesiOS

HEADSPACE. One of the most popular and effective ways to destress and boost mental health is to meditate. Headspace is one of the leading meditation and wellness apps with options for everyone from beginners to seasoned enlightenment seekers. Their short, guided meditations are great for travel nurses who don’t always have time to participate in a lengthy “om” session. But Headspace is more than just a meditation app. It also offers hundreds of themed sessions to help users manage stress and anxiety, and improve focus and sleep habits. These well-rounded offerings make it a good choice for nurses looking to re-center and refocus on practicing self-care.

Cost: Free, premium options available | Supported devices: iOSAndroid

SMOKE FREE. If you’re a nurse who smokes, one of the best things you can do for your health is to kick the habit. Although it’s certainly easier said than done, quitting smoking is achievable. With an app like Smoke Free, it becomes even easier. Smoke Free is designed to inspire behavioral change by tracking and displaying important data in an easy-to-use format. The app can track your days smoke-free, the number of cravings resisted and how much money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes. By seeing your progress, you’re more likely to stick to your quit plan and improve your overall health.

Cost: Free, premium options available | Supported devices: iOSAndroid

SLEEPFULNESS. Sleep has such a profound effect on the body that maintaining positive sleep habits is a critical part of self-care. This is especially true for travel nurses whose schedules may change regularly. But managing your sleep is easier with an app like Sleepfulness. The app uses guided tracks and mindfulness to foster a sense of calm that will enable you to get a better night’s sleep. The tracks are divided into four “timezones” (Going to sleep, Can’t sleep, Waking up and Daytime) so it’s perfect for those sometimes chaotic nursing schedules.

Cost: Free, premium options available | Supported devices: iOSAndroid

YOGA STUDIO. Nurses know that one of the best ways to improve your mental health is to get your endorphins going with regular exercise. Why not train your body and your mind with Yoga Studio? This app lets you practice yoga wherever you are, so it’s great for travel nurses who hate trying out new gyms and studios. The app comes with hours of classes and hundreds of poses for all experience levels. You can also schedule classes to make sure you never miss a chance to practice self-care.

Cost: Free 7-day trial, then subscription-based | Supported devices: iOSAndroid

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