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So here at OneStaff, we have a little employee-ran subcommittee that affords us the time to help and give back to our community. It’s called Rise & Kind (by OneStaff Medical) and its inception speaks volumes about what we’ve created here with our company, and our people. Not only is it a genius way to keep employees engaged by sometimes serving a higher purpose, but it’s something that helps us as a (work) family, make a larger impact on our community beyond just the business aspect. Ask our employees, and they will tell you it’s the little things like this, that make us proud of who we are and what we continue to build. 

This week, we’ve visited one of the Eldercare facilities that we actually also help staff. The purpose; to just spend some time, and make the holiday enjoyable to a lot of the elderly that are in the facility, that may or may not get many family visits. Seems like such a little thing, but our employees that went will tell you that they couldn’t keep a dry eye. You have no idea how much our elderly appreciate the gifts, the thoughts behind them and even the interaction, until you witness their reactions in person. It was a simple, genuine and amazing experience. 


There is plenty of research that says any outside visit, can help keep their spirits up. It’s the least we can do for a generation that’s paved the path to where we all are today. The greatest generation, is not an understatement. It’s far too common for seniors to become recluse, withdrawn, and even depressed due to a lack of socialization.  Visiting can often give them something to look forward too. We wanted to piggy-back on a social function they already had planned, to help encourage them to participate in social functions that the staff hosts. Having those positive outlets will help keep their spirits up, which will help them lead a happier and healthier life in their golden years! Kind of a pretty OSMsauce (pronounced awesome sauce) outcome for a couple hours outside the office. 

It was a great time, seeing the joy in their faces, opening the gifts they didn’t even know they were getting. Sean Purcell mentioned (who just happens to be one of our tenured Eldercare Recruiters). “It was genuine surprise and thankfulness. Very mentally rewarding for us and meant so much to them.” He also said. 

The most amazing part of the experience is, I don’t think any of us realized the impact it would have on us. We were all doing it for them. 

Shelly Dentiger’s insight on the experience…“Having the ability to go to Hooper Facility and bring a personal gift to each resident that they have been wishing for was by far the best thing I have done with OneStaff Medical to date! It was so moving and they were so grateful for us.  The time we were able to give and the gifts that were so personal to them. Listening to the residents tell you stories, whether it was about their gift that they had on their wish list, or just about them, they were so sincere and had so much love to give. Tears were flowing on both sides. The hugs and kisses, stories, and love….I will always remember. 

MORE ABOUT RISE & KIND by onestaff...

OUR MISSION:  As a close-knit company, our mission is to passionately create community engagement by supporting volunteer activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live, work (smarter) and play (harder). To support communities that are impacted by disasters, and address issues that impact quality of life. At the same time, we recognize that participating in these activities will also enrich and inspire the lives of our employees. We strive to help pay it forward, as a united OneStaff Family, through our own internal culture, and foster that for the greater good of this world we share.  

THE SCOPE:  Develop a program that permits employee’s opportunity and time off to participate in giving back and supporting community groups, agencies, and non-for-profit organizations.  

Volunteer time off (VTO):  Employees can receive their regular pay while donating up to 24 hours (3 days) each year.  Employees can volunteer for a full work day or for a few hours at a time.  

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