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What is your name and what do you do at OneStaff?

Denise Christensen - Recruiter

Why do you love being a recruiter?

I love helping people and building relationships.

What do you love about the OneStaff family?

I am a person here not just another employee, I know my managers truly have my back, and care about me and I believe in OneStaff and the values of our business.

What is your favorite city to travel to?

Chicago and San Francisco, but let's be honest I have not traveled nearly enough so my scope is limited, I need to work on this, lol!

What motivates you to constantly be better; personally and professionally?

My kids motivate me for sure, they are my why every day I come to work, I do what I do for them! Professionally my coworkers here at OneStaff continually push me to grow professionally and take steps out of my comfort zone for sure. Being challenged and stepping up to that challenge is a huge motivator for me, I don't like to lose very well.

Any side hobbies or passions you'd like to share with our travelers?

My passion is helping others honestly, I would say I find purpose in helping others whether it is my family or co workers or my nurses, my hobbies are spending my down time with my family honestly, eating, catching up on life, watching my son play football, just being together.

What’s your promise ot potential travelers that may see this and would want to work with you?

I promise I will always work hard for you, be honest, transparent, and listen to YOU. Traveling is a big step out and I want my travelers to know they can count on me to be there for them!

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