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Here’s how to prepare for your first assignment.

Alright, you’ve done it. You’ve decided to start working as a travel nurse. Exciting times, right? Maybe a little nerve wracking as well when you start thinking about all the planning.

Yes, there are things to consider, but don’t let that bother you. Keep the following things in mind and you’ll be ready for a first successful travel assignment.

Find the right assignment to set yourself up for success

When it comes to your first travel nursing assignment, not all posts are created equal. Look for a post in a location that will set you up for success. Maybe you choose a post in a city you’ve been to before or in an area close to home so things remain relatable. You could also choose a post in a city you’d like to visit on vacation. The more excited you are about the location of the post, the more excited you’ll be about the post itself.

Once you’ve considered the location, it’s time to look at facility options. Again, for your first assignment, try to keep yourself on familiar ground. If you’re used to working in a smaller hospital with 300 beds, accepting a travel assignment at a similar-sized facility will help you feel more comfortable.

Packing and preparing for the assignment

Once you’ve accepted an assignment, you can finalize your preparations. Creating a travel binder — physically or digitally — can help you keep track of all the paperwork you’ll need for your assignment. And don’t be afraid to reach out to your staffing firm — as often as you want to — to make sure that everything is in order and you’re ready to travel.

Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to handle those standard vacation-style things like who will take care of your pets, cut your grass or handle your mail. Look for long-term solutions. If you’re going to travel a lot — and we hope you are — then you’ll want a reliable solution for all of your home concerns.

Finally, a day or two before you leave, pack a bag of items you must have once you step off the plane such as toiletries, a favorite pillow, your phone and charger and other devices. You’ll be able to go shopping during your assignment, but being able to relax in your new place the day you arrive will put you in control of your assignment from the get go and leave you happier and more confident.


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