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Travel nursing can be stressful; preparing for your next assignment, all of the paperwork involved, compliance all checked off, traveling with kids, or “fur babies” and need accommodations that will work? Needless to say, there are plenty of details that all need to be hashed out prior to starting at a facility. Some of which add a lot of unneeded stress. Especially if you are a first-time traveler. Well, one more reason why agencies are invaluable and have added-benefit. They can help with all of that! Enter the Housing Department. One benefit of working with OneStaff Medical is having the option of your housing being set up through our devoted Housing Specialists. That said, say hello to Erica and Rachel; our two hardworking Housing Coordinators, who are always eager to help travelers find their ideal accommodations, and save money so they have more money in their pockets, for the duration of their travels. That’s what they do. Literally. 

First off, let us introduce our two Housing Gurus…

Erica F., Housing Coordinator for any lands West of Mississippi River.

Rachel P., Housing Coordinator for the beautiful lands East of Mississippi River.

So, no matter which coast (no coast) you plan to visit, these two ladies have got you covered. They’ve spent plenty of time, daily, researching the options, brokering partnerships with the various hotels and rentals, and will make sure we offer you the best options for your goals. Prefer to save money? Prefer a comfy home base while on the road and willing to put more towards that? OR a balanced focused? They will help, and that is exactly why we feel it’s so important to have a dedicated Housing department to help our travelers. We’re not the only ones to do it, we didn’t invent it, but we do plan to keep doing it as we know it’s a benefit of working with an independent agency like OneStaff. This traveling healthcare thing is a lifestyle, and Housing is just one piece of that larger puzzle with many moving parts. We trust it’s a key element in making our travelers happy, so they can focus on their assignment and what they do best. 

What are options for housing through OneStaff?

OneStaff will provide options for different chains of hotels and extended stays.

We mostly work with hotels and extended stays.  Short term rental properties are also an option for our travelers, they are just a little harder to find. 

Our housing department’s end goal is to help find the best housing for you, within your budget. Our value is that we have negotiated discounts with most major chain hotels and extended stays. We will also help do the research to find that “diamond in the ruff” to suit your needs, or may already have that little gem in our database from past housing needs. Put it this way, we do this daily, so we know what exists out there and have a database full of options. 

What if I want to find my own housing? 

That’s totally fine. It’s your journey, we’re simply here to help. A lot of our travelers are experienced travelers and make their own housing arrangements, but we are happy help whenever needed.

What assistance do you offer?

Providing vetted hotel and extended stay options for each nurse that goes on an assignment and needs housing. Again, we thoroughly research the hotel & extended stay options nearest the facility the traveler will be working at and compile an organized list for them to choose from. We have the tools and connections to find the best rates available and provide detailed information about each property.  All of our travelers get a weekly housing stipend while on their assignment. Onestaff will provide & process payment(s) for room and tax throughout your hotel stay and come up with a reasonable weekly deduction plan that is covered by the housing stipend.  We pretty much handle it all for you.We will help you with whatever you choose when it comes to housing. We will do all the research, we can book your stay and we can make the calls to the housing managers or landlords to ask the hard questions.

We will always send you at least 3 options within your budget, or as close as we can get to your budget, for you to choose from. We will also call on housing options, you have found, to see what the best rate is. 

How soon before my contract starts should I set up housing?

The sooner, the better – don’t stress yourself out by waiting until the last minute. Especially in times like this, where lodging options may be limited and at a premium. Every situation is different, but we will not set up housing until you are completely compliant. So that’s kind of up to you! Start utilizing the housing department as soon as you sign your contract.  That will give you plenty of time to make sure you are getting the best housing for your assignment. 

What are common issues you see among housing and travelers?

  • Wanting premium accommodations, but not having realistic expectations on the cost at that specific location (Eg. The same chain hotel is likely always going to be more expensive in San Fran, CA than it would be in Cheyenne, WY due to supply/ demand)
  • There are times when a traveler might pick a hotel because it’s really cheap, but then quickly find out there’s a reason for that. The words dirt cheap & roach motel come to mind.  My advice: don’t sacrifice your safety and security just to save a few dollars.
  • Occasionally we find that people send a budget of “cheapest you can find”. Not always, but most times this is not a place someone will feel comfortable for their entire contract. 

Part of our goal is to also ensure our travelers are safe, not just comfortable. We know you’ll only be happy if you can enjoy your assignment, and a big part of that is having a great a place to rest & relax.   

What are some tips about housing for travelers? 

  1. Give all of your information up front (vacation, travel companions, pets, etc.)
  2. Research / familiarize yourself with the area you’ll be working in – is it rural?  Is it urban?  Will you need a car?  Where is the nearest grocery store?
  3. This is a big one anymore, and often overlooked as a potential hurdle that we can help with; do you have pets that you plan to bring along? We have a database of already vetted pet-friendly lodging to help narrow your search. We also have plenty of tips, like this article about “Traveling With Pets.” Boom. Winning. 
  4. Do not make any (nonrefundable) payments on a rental until you have personally walked the space.
  5. Call the hotel directly, not their reservation line, you’re more likely to negotiate a better rate and establish a friendly relationship with the staff before you even get there.
  6. Seems like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the little comforts and forget to bring the things that will make you feel “at home” (E.g. your favorite blankets and pillows, family pictures, a plant, crockpot… things that can help you feel like you are at home away from home). 

For more great tips on preparing/ packing for your assignment, check out this past blog too.

How much choice do I have going through OneStaff Medical?

This always just depends on the area, your budget and if you have any traveling companions. You, as the traveler, ultimately choose where you stay, we just help make all the arrangements, so you can focus on preparing for the assignment. The final decision will always be yours. We are just here to get you the best options and pricing, so you optimize the pay from each assignment you take with us. 

What are the benefits of going through OneStaff for housing rather than finding it myself?

Less. Stress. Period. In general, we basically handle everything for the traveler.  One benefit that you may take for granted is that we help with processing payments for the housing and come up with a weekly deduction plan, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about while on assignment. That’s priceless. All said and done, we are here to make the process easier for you. Whatever it is that we can do to help. Not just be another step to hassle you. We are willing to help with housing, as you need us. Prefer to handle yourself. Great. But if we can help, we want to! We will research, book, set up the payments, call with your questions/concerns… whatever you need. Just say the word. 

Let’s dance!


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