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On the eve of a very special holiday. In a year that has brought about a global pandemic, nationwide civil unrest, election chaos and probably one of the most taxing years on the healthcare industry (and our frontline workers), in recent history, we are very getting close to leaving it in the past. Very close to looking at, 2021, the next chapter. Taking the lessons and moving onward and upward. 

Now in all reality, the above problems won’t suddenly up and vanish come January 1st. That’s a harsh reality.  We all have to accept that. What we can do is look at the silver lining. We’ve all learned a lot in 2020. Life was forced to slow down, in some respects. We spent more time focusing on our jobs, or spending time with our families while working remotely. 2020 had more struggle, than growth, for most of us. Real talk. Life in 2020 didn’t really give us the typical outlets like vacations, live sports and concerts that a lot of us depend on to decompress between tough shifts or work weeks. Rough work weeks or not, if we are working, that’s a blessing within itself! Not all finished out 2020 with a job. Again, there are always different perspectives to any situation. The economy has been battered and it’s affected many of us. Maybe all of the above will help us realize we take some of those things for granted. Hopefully we will appreciate them more when we have them back fully. 

Another thing that 2020 brought far too much of, was a divide amongst ourselves as a country. If we all step back, we could probably blame a lot of that on us all just being overworked, overly stressed and short on patience. Is what it is at this point, no way around that, but we can begin to accept that and try to move on in with a fresh mindset come 2021. All make the effort to be more kind again. After all, “it costs nothing to be kind.”

We at OneStaff are committed to being better at “remembering why we started.” Why our founders created this thing we all now know as OneStaff Medical. To remembering that this whole “travel nurse agency” thing only works well when great recruiters, outstanding travelers and amazing facilities all work together as true partners. Working together, with mutual respect and being open with one another, to ensure we tackle all hurdles as a combined force. That’s what makes this thing we do amazing. That’s what we here call “OSMSauce” (pronounced “awesome-sauce”).

As an agency, in 2021, we continue to commit to ensuring we answer your text in the middle of the night, when you show up for a shift and they float you to the wrong floor. To help find you lodging last minute, because you found that dream assignment and jumped at the opportunity, with very little preparation. We’ll keep sending you little care packages after rough weeks, or unforeseen hurdles along your journey, because that’s what good humans do for one another; provide support. We aren’t perfect. We don’t pretend to be. We’re human, not some overly corporate version of an agency. The great part of that independently-owned spirit is that because we are humans, and not a board, we have the flexibility to evolve quickly as times change. And lord knows 2020 brought a lot of change. We can’t ever truly understand what it’s like to be in your shoes during a time like this, but we will do our best to be empathetic and try to help alleviate the stress in any way we can.

We continue to commit to finding our facility partners candidates we believe in, and talent that is ready and willing to work, as your needs arise. Regardless of what chaos 2021 may throw at us, we’ll continue finding the best travelers out there, to alleviate your staffing issues and help us all get through this. We’ll continue to be true partners, not just a vendor, and do what we can to help. All while we keep a smile on our (and your) face, as we know a smile can be felt from behind the phone (or email).

Here’s to what greatness we can achieve as a united force of agency + traveler + facility in 2021, and restoring some of what makes this industry so great; those partnerships and the right kind of support when you need it most. “We rise by lifting others.” There couldn’t be a truer statement. 

It’s been a tough year, but you can’t appreciate the good times, if you haven’t experienced the “not-so-great” times. If any time is the time to be a little kinder, a little more patient and simply a little more supportive of one another, it’s now. Imagine if we all committed to leaving 2020 and the negative in the past, and supporting others just a little bit more, and how the tides could change in 2021. That said…

A very Happy Holiday wish to all of our travelers, partners and employees.  


Your OneStaff Family 


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