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Here at OneStaff, one of the things that makes us proud to work for such a great independently-owned company, is our opportunity to also focus on making our community better, through our “Rise & Kind” organization (an employee-run “extra-curricular” internal organization, which meets regularly to focus on local fundraising, and nonprofit efforts, to help “pay it forward”). Well today, February 17th, is “National Random Acts of Kindness Day.” A day that you don’t need to be part of a larger organization to simply spread some love and share your own “random act of kindness.” That said, we put together three ways to inspire you to “do more good” today, and honor the day. If the country could use something more than ever right now (Eg, pandemics, unrest, the political divide, insane cold weather going on and rolling blackouts across the Midwest) it’s a little more kindness to help us all unite, remain steadfast, and support one another the most right now. So, take a minute today and be inspired by one, or all three of these suggestions, friends…

IT COST NOTHING TO BE KIND. Well, unless you decide to donate some cash to a local charity that could use it the most. Any little bit helps, especially right now when so many small businesses are struggling through the pandemic. Many local alliances have been formed to help locally-owned restaurants and retail shops who are struggling. Or, simply go out and spend your money in a locally-owned store today. That is investing back into your community and those shop owners couldn’t be more appreciative of that. 

WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS. Send an anonymous note to a co-worker, good friend or loyal family member to say “thank you,” or letting them know the positive impact they’ve had on you. We don’t tell people often enough how much they are appreciated, and sometimes those words can truly help inspire and lift someone up in a time they may need it too. Some of us are great at hiding when we may need a boost. So kind words have more power than most ever realize. We may not all admit it, but we all need the positive feedback every once in a while. Don’t assume people around you know the impact they’ve had on you directly, let them know. Today is a great day to do that. It could cause a chain reaction of positivity. That would be awesome!  

BE SOMEBODY WHO MAKES EVERYBODY FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY. Super easy for us all to get caught up in the daily grind. Don’t let the grind, get you down. Share the love and bring a co-workers some coffee. Or shower that person at the front desk, or custodian who works odd hours cleaning up after the rest of us, with some extra love today. Those roles that do a lot, with smiles on their faces, but may not often get recognized. OR Pay it forward; If you are in a drive thru grabbing a cup of joe, or lunch today, pay for the person in line behind you. Surprise someone and watch that go viral in your community today. 

Whatever your “random act of kindness” is today, that’s what this day is all about. Making EVERYONE feel appreciated… in full. It all starts with one act, and that love spreads quickly. We just have to make the effort and let karma handle the rest. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for being part of this day and putting in your own effort. 

Cheers, friends. 

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