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What is your name and what do you do at OneStaff?

Mike Bargo Eldercare Recruiter

Why do you love being a recruiter?

Building relationships and helping people find that right assignment!

What do you love about the OneStaff family?

OneStaff is truly family and everybody has each others backs and always willing to help out!

What is your favorite city to travel to?

Phoenix, AZ

What motivates you to constantly be better; personally and professionally? 

To provide better opportunities for my family!

Any side hobbies or passions you'd like to share with our travelers?

Watching my kids compete in anything they do, I also really enjoy softball!

What’s your promise to potential travelers that may see this and would want to work with you? 

I will go above and beyond to do everything I can for my travelers to be successful.

Think Mike is a good fit for you? Give him a call! (877) 783-1483 ext. 110


"Great recruiter, Great guy. He listens, he understands your needs and is extremely transparent. I see him as friend, he follows up through the process and continues to be there at any time when recruited with him. He offers valued advice and overall I think he does everything on his end to guarantee what he delivers. I think you got a solid guy and recruiter with One Staff and he gives 110%. I appreciate him as my recruiter and I believe others would say the same. The Bomb!!!!" -Christopher H. | LPN
"Mike is very understanding of my needs, he's super easy to get along with, and he ease my worries on traveling as a CNA. Every question and concern I've had has been addressed and met with the most sincere reactions and actions. By far one of the best recruiters I've had; looking forward to continue working with him." -Krystle L. | CNA

Mike and Kids Mike and Friend

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