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Traveler/Recruiter Q&A - A Series

Here at OneStaff Medical, there are so many AMAZING recruiter/traveler duos. We decided to ask just some of those pairs what they think of each other along with basic information to see how the 'phone working relationship' is perceived from both ends. These answers are real, honest, and prove yet again that our people make the difference here at OneStaff. We love our travelers and couldn't do this without their hard work, dedication, and working friendships!

First up we have Gayle (traveler) and Jae (recruiter). Gayle is on her 4th contract so far with Jae, she is a PACU RN and they connected over the phone from believe it or not, not a chance of fate- but a resume lead. From their first impressions of each other, Jae says, "She was amazing! A recruiter's dream. She is very experienced, knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. I was a little intimidated at first, but her realness and honesty made her very approachable, and we quickly developed a great relationship." Gayle simply said Jae was "Absolutely the bomb."

When they were both asked what something is the other does that makes them OSM (awesome), Jae said, "she is so real and authentic. She doesn't sugar coat anything and is open to talking with other travelers to offer them advice." Gayle said, "He is prompt with response, and goes the extra mile to assist you and all your needs". 

Believe it or not, these two have not (yet) met in person but they would love to. Though this is the case - we asked the two to tell us about their favorite memory from your time working together so far. Gayle tells us she remembers a time that she was "in Athens, GA on a Saturday and had to get some requirements done. I ended up reaching out to compliance and everything worked out". There wasn't much detail on this but, I'm sure it’s something they still talk about to this day. And, just another show of some of the amazing, resourceful operations team here as well! Jae's favorite memory wasn't so simple. He says, "To single out a specific memory would be difficult for me. We have great conversations every time we talk. I know that if I am having a bad day, her laugh can turn it around in no time. Her experience as a traveler both personal and professional make her above and beyond every week. I appreciate that I can tell her about a new traveler I'm speaking with that has questions or concerns, and she is always open to letting them reach out to her as a resource."

Lastly, we asked the duo to tell us the MOMENT they knew this was going to be a great fit for them. Jae told us, "When she told me that she works with a few recruiters and that she keeps it fair. She lets them know at the same time where she wants to go and when she is available, and the first one who gets her there, wins. I'm honored to have been one of those few, and even more honored we've done multiple contracts together - not to mention the number of travelers she has referred to me. She is great for OneStaff because her work ethics and professionalism represent everything OneStaff stands for. Honesty, integrity, sense of family, work hard to play hard!" Tough to beat, right? Well Gayle says her moment was "when we knew we were both queens!" And, I believe this royal pair couldn't have said it better.

Gayle and Jae are a prime example of the relationships we look for here at OneStaff. Thank you both, continue to be OSM!

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