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Traveler/Recruiter Q&A - PART II of a series

PART II of this Traveler/Recruiter Q&A will continue with Samantha (traveler) and Denise (recruiter) In case you missed part one...

Here at OneStaff Medical, there are so many AMAZING recruiter/traveler duos. We decided to ask just some of those pairs what they think of each other along with basic information to see how the 'phone working relationship' is perceived from both ends. These answers are real, honest, and prove yet again that our people make the difference here at OneStaff. We love our travelers and couldn't do this without their hard work, dedication, and working friendships! *end recap*

Samantha and Denise have been working as a team for 2 years now! When Samantha, PCU RN, was asked how many contracts they’ve done together to date, she responded “I’ve been with her for 5 contracts and 3 extensions so far!” Also, that she had to “go through 4 recruiters” before she found Denise. We loved to hear it and are excited to see where the future takes them.

We asked both to let us know how in fact they did first connect. Denise told us, “We first connected from a Facebook Group, Samantha was part of the Travel Nurse Newbies group and looking to find her first assignment”. How great is that, that though it was a bit difficult for Samantha at the start to find her recruiter – once she connected through a huge travel nursing outlet such as Facebook with Denise, it was how she’d continue to expand her nursing accomplishments for the past 2 years with help from her partner in crime. The pair was then asked to tell us about their first impressions (we know they are the most important 😉) and how they stood out from the rest. Samantha told us she found Denise was “honest, down to earth, and hardworking!” Everyone here at OneStaff will completely agree with her on that. Standing out doesn’t come hard for Denise with her work ethic and honesty. Denise’s first impression was explained as follows, “Sam is so funny, we connected about our families and kids, she stood out to me as someone who is honest, caring, and looking to pursue her passions while making the best life possible for her family.” Clearly Samantha is a KICK BUTT mama and family member, and her OneStaff family is so glad to have her.

Though these two have never met in person, they hope to someday, and still told us their favorite/craziest memory from working together so far. We wanted to know what makes each other above and beyond because of the memories they share, and their responses did not disappoint. Denise said, “Probably one of the craziest things that happened was when Sam’s contract was cancelled, and we had to find her a job ASAP. She moved her family – hopped on a plane and started working in Denver within a week of her being cancelled. It built a trust in each other that we were going to figure things out and take care of her family.” Samantha said that “honestly my favorite memories are from when we talk about our personal lives! We get to know each other better this way and our relationship grows from it! She is an amazing recruiter and an even better mom!” Then continued with, what makes Denise great is “she is always here for me! I’m having a bad day, something crazy happened, something sad or bad happened, she is there no matter what! I am able to connect with her on a personal level! She is so kind and wonderful and I’m glad I can call her a friend!!” Denise had more kind words about Samantha as well, she says, “Samantha can make anyone laugh. She just has that bubbly personality, and she also comes across as one of the most caring people on the planet. She will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the moment.” 

Lastly, we wanted to know when the moment was, they actually knew this was going to be a good fit, not only for each other but for OneStaff based on what we look for in our candidates and recruiters. Samantha: “We hit it off on our first phone call. She was very upfront and helped me from the start! She’s one of your best recruiters because she believes in what she does and why she does it. As a nurse that has to go into a new place every 13 weeks or so, I know that at the end of the day she is going through it with me. She calls to check up on me and makes sure that I am doing okay and have everything I need”. Denise explained, “Samantha has a heart of gold. She truly loves her work; she puts her entire heart and soul into her patients. I enjoy listening to her talk about her days at the hospital, the patients, heartbreaks, and joys she encounters. She truly gleams joy for the job she does!”

Working relationships like Denise and Samantha are commended here at OneStaff Medical. They truly prove that our people make the difference. So excited to see what the future holds! Thank you both, continue to be OSM!

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