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Crystal Hemminger

First, of what we hope to be many more, "Featured Travels." If you have pics and stories to share, holler at us. We'd love to feature more of what "traveling" is truly all about.

Our own Southern Belle Recruiter, Krystal Riley, wrote: "I was blessed to recently have a traveler sign on with me for her first travel assignment. She is from a small town, Portsmouth, in Ohio. She is the oldest sibling of 3. She has a younger brother and sister. The brother is a pharmacist and her sister is an EMT, healthcare is definitely in their genes. The brother and her travel abroad often but her sister isn’t one that will go that far out, traveling. She got her sister to go on a week long journey to California for her first assignment. While the assignment itself excites me for her, the bonding that she and her sister got to do on the way warms my heart even more. These siblings live a long way from their dad and they lost their mom a little while ago. Being the sentimental person I am, this was the icing on the cake for the relationship that Crystal and I have developed. I loved getting to hear about the itinerary they planned. I loved getting pictures along the way. But most of all, I love that I got to help in setting this ball in motion for Crystal. She has done all the work and I am grateful for her indulging me to go along for the ride. She accepted an assignment in Folsom, CA. She set up a room through AirBNB and her pup, Sheldon, will be there with her. She and her sister went through Oklahoma, Missouri, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Beaches in CA, and then to her final destination. They went to famous restaurants they found on diners, drive ins and dives and I even got pictures of their food! They were even able to stop in and visit with their dad, that they’ve not seen in a while, too! How amazing is that! I wish nothing but the best for Crystal on this assignment and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes her!"

Crystal Hemminger
Mercy Folsom Hospital
Folsom CA
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