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For Our Very Own Thomas Millsap

We all tend to get so caught up in being on this side of the healthcare business, that it sometimes takes the unfortunate news of hearing one of our very own has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer to remind us of what we are all doing here. Thomas Millsap, we fight for you, our brother. 

It was an honor today to present one of our very-own recruiters with a check of funds raised, internally & externally, to help offset his cancer treatment costs. As a recruiter, the man helps our nurses find their dream placements 4 days a week. Then one day a week he turns the table and plays the role of a patient, undergoing some serious chemo treatment to help battle a disease too many of us here know way too much about. That’s why we decided to not just wish him well, but take action and do what we could to help. We shout all the time about OneStaff being family. Today, we proved it to Thomas. Not only did we do that, but we saw an outpouring of other local (and national) industry folk also show their support by donating to the cause either on the youcaring page (here) or by purchasing one of the tees we designed to show our support today. 

BIG SHOUT OUT to the team at Medefis for getting so involved, raising a large chunk on their end as well, and for also being here today to present him and his wife the check. 

These little acts of kindness are what we all need more of in the world. People coming together for a truly greater cause. Pay it forward, friends. Thomas (and wife, Christine), we fight with you. 


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