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The world of travel nursing is all about first encounters. New co-workers, new locations ... you’re constantly making introductions and impressions.

So is your resume.

Before you conduct those first interviews or shake those first hands, keep in mind your resume is your profile. It’s who you are. Today we’re going to share a few tips with you on how to make it great.

* Include the must-haves. When reviewing resumes, there are certain things all employers look for. Be sure your resume includes your professional affiliations, awards, the degree(s) you earned, your licenses and past experience.

* Keep it brief and relevant. Employers look through a lot of resumes, and the more you add to yours, the less likely they are to look at it. Keep your resume brief, including the must-haves above, and explain all of this information as succinctly as possible. You want your resume to stand out for all the right reasons.

* Utilize your recruiter. This is all we do. So if you have questions about your resume, feel free to hit us up and we can help you with suggestions for what employers are looking for and, in some cases, even what certain employers are looking for. We’ve seen it all, good and bad, and we’re ready to help you surge toward the good.

* Your objective. Travel nurses have the power to go anywhere, and because of this, employers are curious what makes their facility in their city stand out to you. Add an objective to your resume outlining why you want to work in a given location to make your resume stand out.

* Network, network, network. As your recruiter, we can help you take your resume to the next level, but don’t discount the opinions of your fellow travel nursing co-workers. If you work with others who have traveled before, ask them if they’ll review your resume. Their feedback can help you take it to the next level and make your resume everything you hoped it would be. Of course there are plenty of groups out there ran by travel nurses, for travel nurses, like TravelTalk.org or The Gypsy Nurse, so always leverage those when needed! The community for our industry is massive, which has its positives and negatives, but in the end it's a valuable tool to the individual nurse looking for advice. So go get that advice, friend! 

Until next time, MUCH LOVE. 


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