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Apps are a part of everyday life for many of us. We shop with them, collect rewards with them and, of course, play games with them. Here’s the thing, though: Apps can also be really handy for work, especially if you’re a travel nurse.

Here’s our list of the five must-haves to keep in your pocket wherever you go.

* YELP. New in town? Yelp has your back. Use the app to quickly learn everything you need to know about your new city, like what the hottest restaurants are, easy shopping solutions and, of course, where you can go to get that all-important cup of coffee just the way you like it in the morning.

* LIKE A LOCAL. We’re big fans of highlighting all the fun you can have on your days off during your travel assignment, and so is the Like a Local app. This app should be your first stop when looking for fun things to do in your new city. What sets Like a Local apart? The content is created entirely by the locals themselves, giving you access to the secret gems, not just the tourist spots.

* SLEEPBOT. If you’re a person who has trouble falling asleep in a new environment, the first couple of days of a new travel assignment can be exhausting. This app can help. A first-place recipient of the “Go Viral to Improve Health” competition, Sleepbot allows you to record your sleep history and movement to sleep better and faster each night.

* PACKPOINT. If you’re the forgetful type when it comes to packing for a new travel assignment, PackPoint can help you out and save you some money on those last-minute replacement purchases. Enter your gender, where you’re going and what you plan to do and PackPoint will create a packing list for you to use or customize as you need.

* EXPENSIFY. It can be easy to lose track of where you’re spending your money during a travel assignment, but Expensify can help. You can sync the app to your bank accounts and/or credit cards as well as take pictures of receipts, making it easy to secure all of your entitled reimbursements at trip’s end.


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