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Megan Saucier

Today we’re featuring some photos from one of our very own travelers,  Megan Saucier, a RN currently working at a placement in the picturesque mountains of Hamilton, MT. We instantly were intrigued by Megan’s photos, so felt we had to start sharing them with our followers out there, as we can get them. Not only a traveler in heart, she’s got quite the gift of capturing her experiences on camera. We dig it. Her photos encapsulate everything about what a traveling healthcare pro is about. It’s not always about the destination, but sometimes the journey getting there. Megan knows not all who wander are lost, and she takes advantage of every minute of her wandering.

This particular set of photos we're sharing include a mash up of some of her past travels to Vegas, some personal time off after the holidays this past January (under the Mexican sun) and finally her road trip to her most recent assignment, in which she took the time to stop in Omaha along the way and say hello in person. Nothing more rewarding then having our travelers share so much of their experiences and time with us.  


Some quick background from Megan: “I grew up in Dartmouth, MA and went to nursing school in Providence, RI. I planned on graduating and staying local with my long term boyfriend, BUT my two best friends/college roommates were making plans to move to Nashville, TN after graduation. It tore me apart to think of them going off and experiencing that while I stayed in the same spot I had been for the last four years so naturally, I jumped in on the action - which was hands down the best decision I have made in this life so far because it has provided me with so many opportunities and the feeling that I was capable of anything. Flash forward, I passed my boards and got a permanent staffing job at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center as an oncology nurse. I was very open about my desire to be a travel nurse and anxiously waited for the day that I felt I had enough experience. At a year and four months, I decided to go for it - insert the help of Nick Pacheco (Megan's recruiter) - and I found my first travel assignment in North Carolina! No fun road trip for that, it was only about six hours away. I took two months off after that first assignment to be home for the holidays. My second assignment ended me up in Montana (exactly where I wanted to go) and where I am currently. “


Thank you, Megan, for sharing some photos of your travels, and the insights of how it all began. We look forward to being able to share more photos of her journeys very soon. 

 Until then, cheers, Megan! 


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