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Travel nurses are as varied in their interests as the destinations they visit, and one of our favorite things about the work we do is helping you match your passions with the perfect location. Some of our nurses love the outdoorsothers sports and still others historic monuments and sightseeing opportunities. Today we want to talk to a very specific group of travel nurses — the foodies. You know who you are.

One of the best parts of travel nursing is the opportunity to explore the cuisine of your chosen location. If you’re in the mood to explore through dining, here’s our list of locations that will continue to astound you with their culinary capabilities throughout your assignment.

* CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. From coastal cuisine to southern delicacies and farm-to-table favorites, Charleston has it all, including a grand mural outside of Poogan’s Porch (a must visit) that recognizes the founders behind the city’s culinary accomplishments.

* NEW YORK CITY. Restaurant fares of any price range and ethnicity make your choices here nearly limitless. For starters, we recommend a stop at Shalom Japan, a restaurant featuring Jewish and Japanese Cuisine. Where else can you find that?

* CHICAGO. The Windy City has more to offer than just hot dogs and pizza slices — though you certainly shouldn’t pass those up. The chicken fried chicken at Dove’s Luncheonette is a must, and check out Fat Rice for jasmine rice, Chinese sausage and prawns as you never imagined them.

* NEW ORLEANS. While creole cooking is mastered here, New Orleans is also an amazing destination for many other food options. Guy’s cayenne-spiked pork chop po’ boys will redefine your idea of this popular dish, and you must visit GW Fins for New Orleans fare unlike anywhere else in the city. 

That’s our list, now it’s your turn. Which cities’ culinary prowess has stood out to you during your travels? Let us know in the comments section.


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