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When it comes to selecting a new travel destination, the weather can play a really big role in your decision. After all, you want to get out and explore your chosen destination, not just stare at it from behind a window, right?

As such, there are northern parts of this great country that may not be as appealing to you during the winter. However, now that spring is here — and summer coming next — this is a great time to shop for assignments in these northern areas. As you begin your review, here’s our list of locations you must see.

* Ithaca, New York. From gorge trails to hike, to wines to taste and lakes to enjoy, there’s plenty to do in the Finger Lakes region. Ithaca is a fun college town that encourages pedestrian travel, so you can walk about and explore. However, don’t forget your hiking boots. Many of the region's best trails are closed from November to April but are now open and ready for you to enjoy.

* The coast of Oregon. The damp breezes that linger around this region all year long can be a welcome break from the summer heat. In addition, the coast also offers spectacular hiking trails, starting with the Three Capes Scenic Loop. If fresh food is your thing, this area is lined with options for fresh cheese, fruit and pastries that you can nibble on as you enjoy the view.

* Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. If you want to get away from it all, you can’t beat Alaska. In the summer, Alaska’s temperatures are surprisingly comfortable, ranging from 60 to 80 degrees in the Kenai Peninsula. That makes perfect weather for a marine tour to see whales or an inland excursion to enjoy sights of the region’s numerous bears.

* Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is more than just a central hub for some of Colorado’s best skiing opportunities. A city of culture, Boulder boasts its own art museum, philanthropic orchestra and ballet that simply must be experienced. You can also enjoy the Colorado Music Festival and, of course, the great outdoors, in one of the nation’s most scenic settings.

That’s our list, now it’s your turn. What regions of the country are on your summer assignment bucket list?

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