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When we talk to you about nursing, or any traveling healthcare role for that matter, we know the position is more to you than just a job. It’s your passion and career, and because of that, we know that you take decisions impacting it very seriously.

Which leads us to today’s topic. We know there are some of you who have avoided traveling in the past, but not because you’re worried about the assignment itself. That process you get. Instead, some of you have questions about what accepting a single assignment will mean for your career in the long term.

We’ve worked with travelers who wonder if accepting an assignment made them a “career traveler” or what they had to do to “maintain their traveler status.” This blog is our attempt to answer those questions.

Understanding your obligations beyond the first assignment

Every staffing agency works a little differently, so we recommend reaching out to your potential agency if you have specific questions.

At OneStaff Medical, you don’t have to do anything to “maintain your travel status” with us. We will keep you in our database as long as you wish. In fact, many of our nurses travel only once a year when the time suits them — such as during their children’s summer vacations. Others — such as empty nesters — travel more frequently, particularly if their spouse has available vacation time or is retired. This allows them to see new destinations around the country at a fraction of the cost.

In short, your travel frequency is totally up to you, not up to us or some arbitrary guideline. When you're ready, we're ready to work with you. 

To learn more about your options as a travel nurse and to see what it would be like to work as a travel nurse with us, hit us up today.


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