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You see us post every week, we see your responses and comments in return. This “book of faces” thing is a pretty awesome way for us all to interact on the interwebs, regardless of where we may be in this beautiful country.  We dig it. We dig our following and we hope we’re doing you all a solid and you find our content on this page of high standard! Entertaining, or at the very least, we make you LOL once in a great while. That’s what this is all about. Engaging with one another and when the days get rough – which sooner or later we all have them -  we can post a goofy meme, all be able to relate and then have a good laugh about it.  


OneStaff promises to be that independently-owned staffing agency that will do what we have to, in order to keep your loyalty. We have owners with open-door policies. We have manager that sit in the cubes right next to your day-to-day contacts; recruiters, account managers housing and compliance. All willing to help step in and solve the problems that will inevitably happen. It’s life. We won’t promise we are perfect at all times. If we or anyone did, they’d be lying. We are human. We make mistakes. Our partners make mistakes. ‘Pooh’ happens, but what we can do is promise that we will fix it should it ever happen. If you can’t get the answer you want from your contact, ask for one of our managers. If they can’t fix it. Ask for an owner. We have no internal red tape, we are dialed in to what’s happening with all of you on a daily basis and we want to continue to grow and succeed based on the level of service we provide our travelers. That, we know and trust, is what’s helped us become who we are. We are…


…OneStaff Medical. 


Much love to you all. And thank you for being part of all this! 


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