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The NFL certainly grabs a lot of attention this time of year, but for passionate fans of college football nothing beats Saturday. If you’re an alum of a major school, you eagerly await each rivalry week during the fall, and while you’ve probably been to many of your own team’s home games, travel nursing offers you a chance to see your team play on the road or to finally see that famous stadium you’ve heard so much about.

With that in mind, here’s our list of five college football stadiums you should plan to check out during your travel nursing adventures.

* Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium. What do Nebraskans do on Saturdays? Simple, they pack Memorial Stadium. The team has sold out every single game since 1962, and the sea of 87,000 red shirts on game day is certainly something to behold.

* Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium. Tailgating is an essential part of any college game-day experience, but the ability to tailgate on the river in Tennessee is an opportunity rarely found anywhere else. Neyland Stadium seats more than 102,000 people, and given it opened in 1921 with a capacity of 3,200, its growth is a testament to the passion of Tennessee football fans.

* The Rose Bowl. Home to the UCLA Bruins during the season, this stadium is also the spot for college football’s Granddaddy of Them All game: The Rose Bowl. If you are fortunate enough to be in town during the bowl game, be sure to start your festivities by attending the parade.

* The Big House. Ann Arbor isn’t the largest town, but it’s still possible to miss The Big House. This 107,601-person stadium is actually dug into the Ann Arbor landscape, putting the press box at about street level. The play inside, however, is certainly at a high level as the Big House plays host to one of college football’s most storied programs — the University of Michigan.

* Ohio Stadium. Things certainly are done bigger in the Big Ten, as Ohio Stadium is one of three stadiums in the conference with a seating capacity of over 100,000. Known simply as The Shoe, this stadium is home to the Big Ten’s top team, Ohio State. Tickets are hard to come by — the Buckeyes sell out their spring game, after all — but if you do make it inside The Shoe you're in for an amazing experience.

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