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Whether you’re looking for increased schedule flexibility, opportunities in a new location or simply want to step away from the familiar grind, you’ve probably started to research per diem and travel nursing opportunities. Both have their supporters, and at Onestaff Medical we are unapologetic champions of travel nursing.

But what makes travel nursing a better option than per diem nursing? Here’s our list of the four reasons travel nursing is tops for us.

* The travel. Whenever we talk about the awesomeness of travel nursing, this is always the first point we bring up, and why shouldn’t it be? Travel nursing allows you to get out there and explore a completely new and exciting locale. And when we say explore we mean it. The average travel stay is 13 weeks, plenty of time for you to truly embrace your location and see what makes it amazing beyond the tourist hot spots.

* Guarantees you can count on. So long as you are under contract for your travel assignment your hours are guaranteed. This eliminates the ambiguity many nurses find stressful about per diem nursing. With travel nursing you’ll have hours you can count on and you'll never have to worry about your shift being canceled last minute. 

* Control over your future. Once your contract is up, your future could largely be in your hands. You may choose to move on to another location or you could decide to extend your stay. These options will not always be available with every assignment but when they are, you could have control over your options, and that is a wonderful perk. 

* Part of the team. A 13-week travel assignment does more than just give you the opportunity to truly explore your new destination. It allows you to use this time to really get to know the people you work with. Because you'll be on staff for 13 weeks you'll be more than just a fill-in, you'll be part of the team. It's a benefit you'll appreciate with every smiling face you see each day.

To learn more about what makes travel nursing amazing, hit us up.


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