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They say there’s an app for everything these days, but what about healthcare? Surely our industry is too complicated to be serviced by something as simple as apps, right?


There are plenty of apps that are gaining some major popularity in 2018, including a few that support you in the more social aspects of your profession. With that in mind, here are the ones that really stand out to us.

  1. Nurse Grid. Let’s start with one that’s of particular interest to many of our travelers: Nurse Grid. Nurse Grid’s goal is easy: To help you communicate better. It accomplishes this feat through the creation of a single calendar that nurses and their departments can utilize. This gives you a single point of truth that you can head to whenever you have a question. You can also use it to enter your shifts and give the whole department better visibility to your schedule. In addition, Nurse Grid’s algorithm remembers repeat shifts to minimize your time requirements with each progressing week. Completely mobile friendly, Nurse Grid makes communicating with nurses and managers easy.
  2. Medical Spanish. Some patients put an entirely new spin on social, and if you don’t speak Spanish you can feel as though you’re failing to deliver the best possible care to your patients. Medical Spanish can help. Medical Spanish provides audio translations for common medical phrases into Spanish, allowing you to prevent any language barrier from hindering patient care.
  3. Medscape. Looking for a few talking points to share with your team members? Medscape delivers. Published by WebMD, Medscape consistently provides insights into the latest happenings in the industry. From news to journal articles, there’s always something new to learn and talk about on Medscape.
  4. Med Mnemonics. No matter where you are in your career there’s always a new piece of lingo to learn and Med Mnemonics can help. Compiling more than 1,500 acronyms, memory tricks and rhymes, Med Mnemonics makes it easy to learn and remember any new shorthand speak.


That’s our list of social apps we recommend adding to your repertoire. What other apps do you use that support the social aspects of your work?


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