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Whether you’re just entering the travel market or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ve probably never experienced a job market like this. Neither have we.

The demand for travelers is unprecedented right now and that’s good news for you. But what’s behind this demand? There are several factors. Here are three of the largest. 

Baby boomers moving on

A conversation about the plethora of new travel opportunities must start with the baby boomers. This generation, which held so many healthcare positions for so long, is moving into retirement and as it does, there simply aren’t enough qualified individuals to fill the gaps. In fact, some reports predict the baby boomers will not be completely replaced until at least 2025 and in the meantime, facilities all around the country — especially in California — must rely on travelers to fill the gaps.

Increased healthcare usage

Whether you attribute it to more companies offering their employees healthcare or more individuals being covered under the Affordable Care Act, more and more people have access to health insurance. And as access has grown, so has usage. From simple procedures and annual checkups to more complex solutions, healthcare at every stage has seen a spike in use. That growth has placed additional pressures on existing staff to meet a workload they haven’t seen before. Travelers are necessary to support this increased burden.

Seeking veteran help

Is the high demand for healthcare services a blip on the radar or a long-term reality? The information above would seem to point toward the latter, but many healthcare executives aren’t so sure. They’re opting to supplement their workforce with travelers instead of full-time hires fresh out of college. Choosing travelers instead provides them with experienced professionals that require minimal training and helps them avoid the difficulties of a long-term commitment should the healthcare bubble burst and the demand for services decline again.

All the scenarios above have shaped the current traveler market. Travelers like yourself are in demand more than ever before so don’t wait another moment to capitalize on these opportunities. Hit us up to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your travel experience.


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