At OneStaff Medical, the well-being, health and safety of our travelers, partner facilities and internal employees is a top priority. We fully understand the potential of the current COVID-19 situation and want to reassure you that our staff is fully prepared and capable of continuing business as usual, to ensure flawless support during this time of national emergency. Whether that means businesses are forced to shut down their offices, and we work remotely to ensure your assignment continues to go smoothly, or you need to reach us at absolutely any time. We are committed and capable from both a technological and logistical standpoint to ensure the effects of this pandemic are minimized, from a business standpoint. We understand things will at times be challenging, as this is a new norm for us all and we are only human, but we are in this together. One of our core values as an independently-owned business is that we can adjust, as needed, very quickly. The ability to adapt to change faster, without all the red tape of a large board-owned company, results in us being better positioned to support our travelers and facilities in the face of adversity. We hope that offers some reassurance through this tough time. In short, we will be here, and are fully committed to our travelers and facilities.

As we are all aware, COVID-19 is creating confusion and disruption across the globe. You are on the frontlines of this all, and we are here to help.


  • Q: How can I prepare and be protected as a nurse?
  • Q: I’m feeling sick. Now what?
  • Q: What if I cared for a patient infected with COVID-19?
  • Q: Is it okay for me to travel?
  • Q: If I am diagnosed when on assignment, then what?
  • Q: Have states modified their licensing due to the pandemic and demand for healthcare workers?
  • Q: If a location for COVID rates is one of the cities “locked down” can we get in?


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