We. Are. OneStaff.

Be Bold. Be OSM. Choose Happy.

Three simple phrases that are the base philosophy of everything we strive to be as a company. Constantly evolving, constantly working to improve, we know being great has just as much to do with our culture, as it does our work. Founded in 2010, OneStaff has consistently been recognized by both Inc. 5000, and SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts), as one of the “Best Staffing Firms to Work for” in the U.S. and one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the U.S. We walk that line between the “flexible start up” mentality and still offering the great office environment perks of some larger corporate “best places to work” from fully-stocked break rooms, FREE fountain soda (or pop for those of us in the Midwest), to pool tables, in-house chiropractic/ massage therapy visits and an amazing full-time concierge. We have all the workplace perks of those fancy-pants Silicon Valley companies, without the high cost of living! The private-ownership aspect also allows us the freedom to make an impact as individuals, and be nimble, in the best interest of our future. While our size allows the financial stability that the “big guys” have.

We. Are. OneStaff.

Why Omaha, NE?

Named one of the best places in the country for millennials to settle down, despite what some may think, Omaha is no fly-over city. Oh, no, no, no. It is a city built on solid Midwestern worth ethic, Omaha is a hub for start-ups, including various Travel Nurse Agencies. Omaha is also a destination for craft beer lovers and home of what continuously ranks as one of the “best zoos in the world.” (the world, people!) Home of the College World Series (CWS) and unarguably the best steaks in the country (Omaha Steaks).

Our great city also boasts an awesome music scene (home of the Maha music festival and Saddle Creek Records) and being the birthplace of just a few well-known people; actors Andrew Rannells, Gabrielle Union and Marlon Brando, activist Malcom X, business magnate Warren Buffett, singer Conor Oberst, and finally a handful of super-talented athletes like Andy Roddick, Wade Boggs and Bob Gibson. Last, but certainly not least, our own hometown hero, The Champ himself; Terrence “Bud” Crawford (holder of multiple world championship belts in professional boxing). Feeling frisky? Want to be OSM (pronounced “awesome”) too? Jump in the ring with us here at the OneStaff Omaha office!

We. Are. OneStaff. Omaha.

Our Benefits

*perks vary by office

  • The Standard
  • 401K
  • AAA
  • Car Allowance
  • Concierge
  • Eat Well
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Flex Hours
  • Free Direct Deposit / Weekly Pay
  • Game Rooms
  • Gym Privileges
  • HealthJoy
  • In-House Chiropractor
  • In-House Massage Therapist
  • Life Insurance
  • Long/Short Term Disability
  • Pet Insurance
  • Stay Optimized

The Standard

Health, Dental and Vision insurance; check. Of course, we offer the standard stuff that everyone expects from any employer these days. That’s a given, but we try to stand out by offering some other perks and benefits, unique to us…


We’ve partnered with A (excellent) rated, Voya Financial, to ensure all of our travelers are given a solid option for their 401K savings accounts. We will match 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%. Safe Harbor contributions are 100% vested.


OneStaff is the first to team up with AAA and offer our internal employees (and travelers) the peace of mind they deserve on their journeys. The perks of AAA don’t stop at just roadside assistance. No, no, no. Membership includes discounts on hotels, rental cars, entertainment, and other extremely relevant perks. Just one more way we want to ensure our employees have peace of mind inside and outside of the office.

Car Allowance

OK, this is reason enough to come show us your worth and one great reason to have being promoted a goal here. What’s your next biggest expense from mortgage or rent? Probably your car payment. We offer car allowances to those on the management team. What other company out there does this? Thought so. #BOOM, winning.


When you are in the office, we want you to be able to focus on work. When you are off, we want you to be able to decompress, hence the Work Hard. Play Hard mentality. So, in that philosophy we offer two full-time concierges (at our HQ) that will handle all your (reasonable) personal errands and shopping needs. From picking up dry-cleaning, to grabbing some ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Even scheduling mobile oil changes and car washes here at the office. Our in-house concierge gives us all the peace of mind, so we can focus on the work.

Eat Well

We not only have full-stocked breakrooms, including FREE fountain drinks and a premium coffee machine to keep you fully caffeinated (productive), but we also offer a discount with another locally headquartered business (Eat. Fit. Go.) that offers healthy meals delivered.

Employee Assistance Program

Through our partners at LifeWorks, we offer free consultations for just about anything going on in your life; from family, work, and money to legal services, identify theft recovery and health. The program includes up to 5 in-person, phone, or video consultations per calendar year.

Flex Hours

Again, find your Zen with that work/life balance. Life happens. Kids have sports or you may be involved in volunteer efforts. This is a newer (but long overdue) concept in the conservative Midwest, but it’s been done for years on the coasts. We try to let employees adjust their schedules based on what works best in their life, as we know that leads to you being happier and more productive when you are in the office.

Free Direct Deposit / Weekly Pay

We offer and recommend direct deposit, to insure you receive pay weekly and avoid interruptions in your pay cycle. As long as you get your timecard in on time (Monday), you’ll receive your pay via direct deposit every Friday. Weekly Pay is now just a standard in our industry these days. All you have to do is submit your timecard every Monday, on time, and boom. You get paid every Friday, and never again worry about making your budget last for two weeks.

Game Rooms

Offices with pool tables, foosball and/or shuffleboard tables? Check. Take a break during your lunch, decompress in our game room, so you can go back to your desk and keep being OSM.

Gym Privileges

In our HQ we have an actual gym onsite. You’re free to utilize the space before work, during lunch or after work, to get your “temple” in prime shape. We also work with local gyms to try to secure discounts for our employees.


A brand new benefit for our employees in 2023, the HealthJoy app, simplifies your healthcare experience by connecting you to the right benefits at the right time. One spot to access all the information you need, schedule appointments and research costs, to help you save time and money with your healthcare needs.

In-House Chiropractor

Again, if you are having physical issues, it’s hard to focus on being OSM (pronounced “awesome”) at work, so maybe a little chiro adjustment could help there. Yup, they come see us once a week too. Your body is a temple, treat it as such!

In-House Massage Therapist

You read that right! One day a week we have massage therapy sign-ups for our employees, while they are in the office. Having a rough day? Well, we want to help keep you centered and feeling that Zen-like calm, and this may just do the trick.

Life Insurance

We provide up to $10,000 of life insurance to each employee. Just another way we want to help give you peace of mind, while you’re employed with OneStaff and helping focus on our growth while servicing our customers.

Long/Short Term Disability

We offer the options of both long and short-term disability. Have more peace of mind that if you’re injured, in any way, that we have you covered.

Pet Insurance

With your busy schedule, the last thing you should worry about is unexpected costs for your furry friends. We, being some pet-loving humans ourselves, proudly offer pet insurance to all our employees. We want you to have peace of mind, for the well-being of your furry friends.

Stay Optimized

We have monthly visits from our friends at LIVE Hydration Spa (premiere IV hydration therapy, vitamins, and recovery) available to all HQ employees, so they can keep their health optimized and keep pushing ahead. Complete wellness is a goal here, as we know it is critical to our success as a team.

*note: some perks vary by office, but we are always looking for new ways to keep our employees engaged and happy.